We recommend you the exclusive service - ECOLOGIC STEAM CLEANING (provided in Vilnius)

Facts confirming the services exclusivity:

  • no chemicals are used,
  • ensure hygienic and longer-lasting clean environment,
  • disinfect, clean microbes, mould and yeast,
  • revive, refresh odours,
  • various possibilities for use,
  • the service is ordered by allergic people and people who have little children

We use professional steam machines for cleaning:

  • furniture, mattresses, curtains, blinds, eradication of mites, allergens, cleaning of nicotine residues from walls and ceiling, refreshing of odours
  • flooring, carpets, tiles. Any surface is renewed, regain colours, clean strains, no chemicals which may damage floor coverings are used,
  • windows, mirrors. They are easily cleaned and longer stay clean because there remain no chemicals which shall attract dirt and dust,
  • kitchen, disinfection, polishing of surfaces, removal of grease and dirt from ventilation gratings, walls, ceiling,
  • bathroom, toilet, removal of soap, other hygienic agents residues, hard water deposits, yeast, mould, cleaning of tiles, shower cubicles,
  • difficult-to-access places, gaps, slots. The set of steam machines contains various nozzles adapted to reach difficult-to-access places,
  • food cooking places, dining zones, disinfection of food cooking places, ensuring of additional protection against bacteria, polishing of steel surfaces, cleaning of grease,
  • other use premises.